November 14, 2019


"We’ve been taking our cars to Eric’s Garage for over 20 years and value his knowledge and integrity. We’ve changed cars through the years, but not our repair garage."
November 21, 2018

"I have been going to Eric's Garage for almost a decade. I appreciate Eric and his team's honesty and integrity and high quality work. I highly recommend! "
November 10, 2017

"Way, way better than the dealership for both my Audi and for my Subaru. Better work, done sooner, and at a lower cost. Reliable, friendly, and best value."
October 10, 2017

"Eric is one of the few mechanics I've met who is like a small-town mechanic; by that I mean that he is honest and not trying to gouge you. I'd used him a couple of times in the past for various repairs, and when I needed another one recently after some time had passed, I decided to see if there was anyone reputable who could do the work for a relatively low price. After over a dozen quotes, I realized Eric's was still the most reasonably priced mechanic in the area. Maybe that won't be the case for certain jobs, but I've observed that being the case enough times now, and I won't waste time researching others anymore (unless something goes wrong, but I've never had issues with their repairs). I feel like I can genuinely trust this shop."
August 11, 2017

"I have been a customer here for almost ten years now, and brought all the vehicles I've owned in that time period here. Eric is an honest mechanic, worth his weight in gold. I moved here from Montana and as a woman, I've been used to being on the defensive when I go to mechanic shops, especially if I know what needs to be done already. These guys are the real deal. Every time I go here, they explain exactly what they do, why they are doing it, and I never get charged more than I need to be. They are very polite, level headed, and helpful. I recommend this place to everyone I know. I just wish I could take them with me on long roadtrips-- last time I drove home to MT I needed some exhaust tubing replaced, and seriously had some ***hole tell me I was out of "blinker fluid" (normally used as a joke) and he was actually trying to sell it to me! I've gotten used to the service at Eric's, I guess!"
Eric's Garage